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It's not an easy business. Therapy pools can be money pits. Staff needs to be specially trained. And, don't even get us started on billing!

Find your helpmate here... and stock your library shelves 'til they droop. Our personal fav? The Aquatic Therapy Boot Camp distance learning module. Train your entire PT, OT, SLP staff without ever leaving home. 


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aquatic therapy speech therapist

Pages: 81 pgs
Chapters: 7
Authors: Kane/Salomon/Dickinson
Publisher: ATU Press


Pages: 182
Chapters: 9
Authors: Salzman/Killgore
Publisher: ATU Press


Includes all handouts+DVDs for our
2-week General Intensive course.


(normally $724 if purchased seperately)

aquatic therapy manual for ortho patients

Pages: 128 pgs
Chapters: 10
Authors: Andrea Salzman, MS, PT
Publisher: ATU Press


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