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How to Successfully Launch an Aquatic Therapy Practice

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How to Successfully Launch an Aquatic Therapy Practice

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Table of Contents
1. How to Select the Best Business Structure for Your Aquatic Therapy Practice—Advantages and Disadvantages of Each Structure

2. How to Establish and Protect Your Business with a Trademark or Service Mark

3. Employees vs. Contractors: How to Choose

4. Employees vs. Contractors: Personnel Checklist

5. How to Protect Your Aquatic Therapy Practice from Getting Sued

6. So Who Can Do What in the Pool?

7. So Who Can Do What in a Physical Therapy Pool?

8. Twenty-Five Steps to Launching an Aquatic Therapy Practice

9. Creating a Financially-Viable Functional Design Description for Your Aquatic Practice

10. Preventing Big Mistakes—Learning Good Aquatic Facility Design from Other’s Mistakes

11. Prefabricated Pools—When to Buy Not Build

12. Construction Codes and Regulations—How to Know if Your Future (or Existing) Site is Safe

13. How to Establish a Credible Policy and Procedure Manual for Your Practice

14. Designing or Buying the Perfect Pool to Meet Your Specific Needs

15. Aquatic Therapy Rights

16. Reimbursement Forum—Getting Paid

17. Billing for Aquatic Therapy

18. Cash-Based Aquatic Therapy

19. Mapping Out Your Own Business Plan

20. Appendices including:
Sample Policy & Procedure Manual

Sample Business Plan

Sample Balance Sheet

Sample Income Statement

Sample Gross Revenue

Sample Contractural Adjustment

Sample Cash Flow

American Sports Data — Statistics about the Aquatic Exerciser

Aquatic Exercise Association—Aquatic Exercise Research

Equipping Your Aquatic Therapy Practice

Aquatic Therapy Equipment Vendors

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