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Have your pool decks been getting dryer and dryer? Worried your dwindling patient census and the contracting economy may force you to lay off staff? Have you been knocking on hospital doors but been getting the run-around from skeptical referrers? Wondering who has the time and expertice to champion your facility and come to bat for you?

With 16-years in the aquatic therapy industry, Aquatic Therapy University is ready to take what we know and apply it to turning your site around. With our resources, research and marketing prowess, we can help justify aquatic therapy to your local physicians and providers. Being Therapist Founded and Therapist Grounded means we have the chops to talk to shop to your evidence-based referrers.

When you sign up for our Physician Referral Service, you get:


  • 25 trifold brochures highlighting your facility with evidence-based research
  • 1 press release highlighting your facility targeted to your local media outlets & referrers
  • free listing in ARN Find-A-Pool directory
  • up to 5 physician phone calls
  • 1 hour free consult
  • listing your facility with Google Local, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter
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