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Announcing Family-Friendly CE

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Don't Spend Your Weekends in the Classroom
Try Our New
1-Day Lab-Only Polyclinics

(And be a Hero Doing it)

Aquatic Therapy University is a provider of live and distant continuing education for healthcare providers who are already licensed or otherwise recognized to practice in their states and countries. We are recognized as having courses certified for CCUs by the Federation of State Boards of Physical Therapy. Our classes are also approved through multiple state PT, OT and SLP state boards, and other entities. We are currently seeking renewal as a BOC approved provider for the Athletic Trainer. Ask us about your state's requirements.


Prying your therapists away from their families to take a 2-day training is as almost as easy as herding cats. That is why Aquatic Therapy University is introducing our new 1-Day Lab-Only polyclinics. Not only do you get a smarter staff, you get a happier staff. To find out more about how this unique innovative new program works, scroll down for more information. But don't take too long. Spring dates are full and Summer courses are already filling up fast!

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Distance-Learning/On-Site Combo

ATU can cut your on-site training time in half buy replacing the lecture portion of our 16 hour courses with web-based distance-learning modules. We send your staff the links to our manuals two months ahead of time so that they can self-study online on their own time and their own pace, be it in their office, their home or at Starbucks. They then simply take our online post-test and print out their certificates once passed. These certificates are presented to your instructor on the day of your class as proof of competion so that everybody is insured of having the same knowledge when the on-site class begins. Then, after a 1 hr review of the basics, everybody gets in the pool to apply what they learned online.


By purchasing our Lab-Only polyclinics, your staff gets the same 16 hours of credit that comes with our standard 2-day polyclinics. The only difference is that they do not have to leave home and sit in a classroom for 8 hours, the lecture portion of the polyclinic now being replaced with online distance-learning. You still get the same one-on-one hands-on aquatic therapy instruction that we are known for (and which we require for our aquatic therapy Certificate of Advanced Recognition), but with a decreased impact to your operations and morale.

Costs and Options

Cost of our 1-day lab-only polyclinics is $5995 the same as our 2-day courses. However, you get the following additional benefits:

--1hr pre-recorded webinar which serves as a basic overview to the class
--1hr review conducted onsite by your instructor before the pool lab commences
--1hr live webinar follow-up conducted one month after class to hear case studies and answer questions

About Our Fees

We charge a flat fee for our polyclinics, meaning it is the same whether you have 1 or 100 attendees. The fees are also all-inclusive, meaning that instructor honorarium, travel and lodging are all included. That also means no surprise expenses like tolls, parking, per diem, printing or baggage. Alls we ask is that your bring your swimsuits and a smile.


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