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Our Most Popular Add-Ons: Now FREE!

Doing more with less? Don't have time to breathe? We feel your pain. That is why we are offering the following value-added Add-Ons for free with any polyclinic you order. Let us do what we do best so you can do what you do best, treat your patients.

Aquatic Therapy Boot Camp DVD Pre-Study Module

We will send you one DVD of our time-tested Aquatic Therapy Boot Camp, good for 4.0 credit hours. Facilities choose this add-on to allow their staff to prepare in advance without the need for pool downtime. Take this module at your leisure during lunches or take-home sessions. Comes with enough manuals for your entire staff.

Cost: Free

CEU Pre-Approval Service

Don't have the time or staff to fill out the myriad forms required by your state licensing board? Let our continuing-education experts handle all the paperwork headaches. We will apply for CEU pre-approvals and pay any fees required by your state PT and OT agencies for you so your therapists can concentrate on their clients. NOTE: approvals for additional professions can be sought for an extra charge.

Cost: Free

Super-Sized CCUs

ATU is a charter provider for the Federation of State Boards of Physical Therapy. The FSBPT is seeking to simplify the continuing education process for PTs by implimenting a standard application process for all states. To recognize our expertise and quality curriculum-our Secret Sauce--our courses have been awarded an additional 4, 5, sometimes 6 value-added CCUs above and beyond the 16 hour sitting time. At this time, there are over 30 states that have signed on to the ProCert system. Click here to find out if your state qualifies for our Super-Sized CCUs.

Cost: Free

ATU Inside℠ Staff Certification

atu inside decal

Sign up for this profit-focused add-on and we will provide you with  two ATU Inside℠ window decals and a year's supply of customized marketing brochures for display in your lobby. We also will mail up to 25 brochures to any referring physicians or clinics in your area to that you specify. Get out from under your towel and let the world know that your therapists have been trained by the best!

(Now with web badges)

Cost: Free

The list below includes a few of our Add-Ons that require extra funds:

Customization Add-On

No two facilities are alike. And no ATU class has ever been a perfect fit. That is why we have made our course objectives plug-and-play, to better fit our training to your operations. Now, with our Customization Add-On, you can pick just those course objectives that best address your patient census, programming goals or staff experience. You can even mix and match topics from any of our musculo, pediatric, geriatric, neuro or sports/military tracks.

Cost: $1000

International Travel

We price our polyclinics with a flat rate price so you can know what to expect. However, with travel outside North America, we don't know what to expect! Give us your needs and we'll tell you exactly how much it will run to take our polyclinic over the pond or around the bend.

Cost: varied

Extreme Makeover Site Visit

The economy and new healthcare reform regulations are playing havoc with provider profits. If you are having problems getting patients in your doors or making your cash flow, we can help. With just a short day- or half-day session, we will come and tour your facility, interview your staff, observe your operations, review your billing procedures and analyze your programs to develop and deliver a comprehensive action report on how best to turn around your practice and make you profitable once again. A perfect pre-conference add-on when ordered with a polyclinic class. This service is worth it's weight in gold. Just ask some of our clients.

Cost: $2000 (full-day)/ $1000 (1/2 day)


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