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Some of Garry Killgore's plyometric exercises you will see in class


"Garry's enthusiasm was contagious--obvious he is passionate about this and makes us feel excited to start trying these exercises in the clinic. Would love to visit his facility to see him in action."

G. Upton, PTA



A 16 hr. in-service packed into 2 days. Designed to teach the therapist, trainer, coach and athlete how to capitalize on both deep and shallow water. Includes samples of hard-core aquatic training regimes for the uninjured athlete, active recovery drills, and post-injury rehab protocols.

Includes instruction in the following hands-on aquatic techniques: shallow water plyometrics, deep and shallow running drills, agility drills, vertical acceleration training, edema control and management, and more.

Appropriate for therapists and trainers working with athletes in the following team sports:


National Football League
Major League Baseball
National Basketball Association
National Hockey Association
Major League Soccer
Fédération Internationale de Football Association


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1. Describe why water-based training is essential for the injured and healthy collegiate, elite and professional athlete. Be able to identify and locate supportive research to bolster case (lecture).

2. Design a mock seasonal training schedule incorporating aquatics into the following: (a) during-the-week training; (b) post-injury; (c) immediately after games/ races/events; (d) for active recovery (lecture)

3. Describe the optimum pool temperatures and depths necessary for the following: (a) during-the-week training; (b) post-injury; (c) immediately after games/races/events; (d) for active recovery (lecture)

4. Describe 2-3 hydrodynamic (sheer, compression, etc.) and thermal forces at work when equipment is incorporated into an aquatic program. Describe 1-2 errors made by coaches/ trainers/ therapists who use equipment for athletic training or rehab (lecture)

5. Craft a shallow- and deep- water workout tailored specifically for at least 1 of the following:

  • Runner
  • Football or soccer player
  • Volleyball or basketball player (lecture)
6. With a partner, design and implement a 15-minute aquatic therapy plan (including equipment selection) designed to rehab 1 of the following diagnoses:
  • Post stress fracture of weight-bearing bone
  • Post surgical repair of LE cartilage, ligament, capsule or muscle
  • Post surgical repair of UE cartilage, ligament, capsule or muscle
7. With a partner, design and implement a 15-minute aquatic training plan (including equipment selection) designed to improve 1-2 of the following skills:
  • Strength and ROM
  • Speed and explosive power
  • Cardiorespiratory endurance
  • Sport-specific skill (stride length, vertical acceleration, etc.)


Typical Schedule

Day 1
8:30-12:00 Lecture
12:00-1:00 Lunch
1:00-3:40 Pool lab

3:40-4:00 Energy break + demo
4:00-5:45 Pool lab
5:45-6:00 Wrap-up and questions


Day 2
8:30-12:00 Lecture
12:00-1:00 Lunch
1:00-3:40 Pool lab

3:40-4:00 Energy break + demo
4:00-4:45 Pool lab
5:45-5:00 Wrap-up and questions


For an additional $5000, we can customize your class to better fit your team needs, to include team drills, unique injuries and specific specialty positions. We can even come and help rehab specific athletes. NOTE: If this option is selected, please allow 45 days for the creation of this content.


Garry Killgore, PhD
Tracks: Sports

garry killgore aquatic therapy instructorGarry Killgore, PhD is in his 21st year as Linfield’s cross country coach. He also serves as Linfield track and field coach in the spring. He trains almost 100% of his athletes in water, whether injured or healthy. Killgore was honored as the men’s Northwest Conference Track Coach of the Year in 1991, 1992, 1994, 1995, 1996 & 2007. He was singled out as women‘s Northwest Conference Track Coach of the Year in 1993 and 1996; he was the women’s NAIA District 2 Coach of the Year in 1993. Killgore guided the Linfield men’s cross country program to a conference co-championship in 1993.

He has coached six national track champions 70 All-Americans and 34 Academic All-Americans. Killgore earned his Ph.D at oregon state in human performance (exercise physiology/ biomechanics) in 2003 and received his master’s degree in exercise science in 1989. He is a published author on biomechanics of running, prevention of running-related injuries and scientific concepts of coaching. His specialty is deep-water running or circuits. He is the founder of Aqx Sports (for hydrodynamic training) and has taught this course at numerous clinics, including Chelsea Football Club in the UK.

Kimberly Gordon, MPT, MAqI, GAqI
Main Campus Director

Tracks: Musculo, Geriatric, Sports

Kimberly Gordon, MPT graduated from Mayo Clinic's School of Health Related Sciences with her Master's degree in Physical Therapy. She began practicing in an outpatient sports medicine clinic in Sarasota, FL where her case-load included orthopedic and post-surgical clients, including older adults with torn knee and ankle ligaments, total joint replacements, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, and gait dysfunction. She went on to manage a branch for that company in Bradenton, FL. Upon moving back to Rochester, MN, she spent time working in a local nursing home, helping to develop their short term rehab program to increase the number of joint replacement patients in the facility and to better manage these patients as a team in the nursing home. She then moved into a home health physical therapy position, bringing innovative ideas to the patient returning from a hospital or nursing home stay after surgery or trauma, including many with new joint replacement patients.

She currently works at both the Rochester Active PT office and the Plainview ActivePT office (managing the Plainview office) where she specializes in treating orthopedic patients both in and out of the therapy pool. Her specialty is treating pelvic, hip and knee patients and the majority of her patients come with women's health, orthopedic and sports medicine complaints.

Kim has over 11 years of treating primarily orthopedic patients with 7 of those years specializing in sports medicine. Kim also has over 200 hours of continuing education including SI joint dysfunction, Shoulder rehabilitation presented by Kevin Wilk, pelvic floor training through the Herman and Wallace Pelvic Institute, a certification course in Pilates training and specializes in Pilates. She also teaches a Pilates class at the Rochester Athletic Club and has devoloped specialized classes for the athletic club including Back School, return to Pilates after rehabilitiation, and prenatal Pilates.
Kim's area of specialty is the hip and pelvis. This includes pelvic floor dysfunction, low back and hip pain, total joint replacements, and SI dysfunction. She has trained for 3 years with Aquatic Therapy University, achieving lead instructor status under their extensive instructor's curriculum. Kim offers specialty training in the following through her affiliation with ActivePT.
  • Pilates
  • Back School
  • Osteoporosis

Kim lives in Rochester with her husband and two children. She enjoys playing soccer, biking, and running, has completed her first duathalon, and continues to compete in annual half marathons throughout the midwest.

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