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Money is Tight. Get Help from the Crowd
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Have a family in need? Are your therapists having to pay for training out-of-pocket? Has your facility cancelled your on-site classes for the year because of finances? Consider getting help from The Crowd.


Much has been heard in the news during the past year about crowd-sourced funding. This is where individuals and families can go online and ask for donations through various specialty websites such as IndieGoGo, KickStarter and GoFundMe. Causes can include favorite charities, help with medical bills or even help producing movies.


How can this help you? You can have us create a campaign for you on any of these sites for use as a grant source to help fund your next aquatic therapy training. We just need your pictures, your story and an email list of your contacts and we will do the rest.


We created an account at GoFundMe, above, to show you how one such campaign might look. But to get the word out, we will also need to publicize not only on your Facebook and Twitter accounts, but also to your email contacts and your local media outlets. Appealing to your friends and community brings the story home because they are who is going to be benefiting from your training.


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